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    Acrobat Reader on Windows Phone Buttons Do Not Work

    UpStyleDesign Level 1

      Using Nokia 930.

      InDesign CC2015 on Yosemite.

      Acrobat Reader V16 on the phone


      Seems incredibly simple, but all I am trying to do is create an interactive multi-page PDF in Indesign that has a 'home' button set in InDesign to go to the first page (this is the contents page). Additionally certain pages will have a 'Next Page" button and/or  "Previous Page" button. The buttons are not honoured in the PDF at all. No amount of tapping the screen does anything. I thought that maybe my PDF was too complex, so I created a multi page PDF with just the three buttons. This was created from scratch. The resultant PDF works fine on Acrobat DC on the Mac (as it should - it's so simple). I transferred the same file to the phone and the buttons still don't work.


      I thought that maybe it was because the buttons were on the master page on InDesign (as they should be). Another test was done making sure the buttons were now on the document pages and not the master. Failed again.

      I am definitely outputting the PDF correctly. "Forms and Media" is set to 'All'

      As for other issues, basic settings view settings such as "Fit Width" are not honoured. I haven't had the time to test others (that's Adobe beta testers' job anyway). Another bug is that on initial load of the PDF, sometimes the PDF appears as a very low res proxy-type image. Only when you zoom in (manually of course as the double tap zoom feature is now broken too) does the screen display the PDF properly.

      I cannot believe how bad Acrobat Reader is on the Windows phone. Sorry Adobe, this is dreadful.