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    Mimic browser prior-value suggestions for text input

    Richard_Abbott Level 3
      Hi all,
      ideas and suggestions would be appreciated for the following. Suppose you have a web page with login form. Then most modern browsers will offer the user a list of recent entries matching the first few characters typed in, so as to speed up the process.
      I have been wondering how to do something similar in a Flex-based login screen. I think there are two problems: one is knowing how to preserve the information between sessions, for which I was thinking of using cookies (I wouldn't use this for passwords, and if the user has turned cookies off then they're probably not expecting this kind of preemptive assistance).
      The second is the choice of visual presenation. A combo doesn't seem appropriate, and I am keen to keep the whole looking similar to the browser experience if possible (unless it looks really out of place in Flex). I am assuming it will need a custom control, perhaps built from the regular text box plus a read-only text area?
      Anyone done anything similar?
      Thanks, Richard