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    Exporting image names from list of InDesign documents

    Hans Gravekamp


      I have a huge amount of existing InDesign files, which are not tagged.

      What I need is an Excel file (or SCV file), that would contain the following data:


      OriginalFilenameInDesignFile - ImageName1 - ImageName2 - ETC.


      I have little to none scripting experience myself, but have used several, and I'm looking for a script that would allow me to select a folder, after which InDesign will start exporting the data from the files, and put a CSV file in the same folder (or a subfolder of it, or whatever).

      I'd be using this pretty often, this is a recurring task, but I have no idea how to otherwise do it.


      Can anybody help me?

      This is my first time using this community, and I hope I'm not breaking any etiquette by asking this.

      Thanks you in advance to anyone taking the time to help me out. :-)


      Oh, I'm currently using InDesign CS5.5. I will very likely be upgrading very soon though, to CC.