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    Olympus Raws to PS CS4




      I got me a new camera, Olympus OM D 10.

      Unfortunatelly the ORF -RAW format can't be read by my system, which is Photoshop CS4 (student edition) and Camera Raw 5.


      So this is what I did:

      - Download and Install Olympus PSP High Res Shot Photoshop Plug-In, but still by importing pictures it shows that they are from the wrong type

      - Download and install DNG Converter 9_4 , converted my Photos but still they are not to get opened "because they are not the right type"

      - Download and install DNG Converter 8_5 because this was the first version that supports my camera and at the download page it says that a newer Camera Raw Version is included.

      Still not working...


      What shall I do to get the ORF-RAWs into my CameraRaw, Photoshop-Workflow?

      Where do I find the version of Camera Raw on my computer (win 7)? I can not find it in the Adobe section.


      Thanks a lot!