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    My photoshop and lightroom CC is lagging!! :(


      Hi i have recently just bought the photography CC package i have installed light room cc which works but is alot slower then my light room 5 which i have now uninstalled, i have also installed photoshop cc which is really slow to load and when i use brushes and also my adobe raw filter loads but if i do any thing on raw my computer freezes. I did have elements eleven which worked fine even when light room 5 was running. I have had a look at my specs of my computer and i have been told i have a good graphics card and a I7 proccesor but i do only have 4gb of ram which i am upgrading to 16gb next month. i am hopeing when i upgrade to 16gb of ram it should solve the problem. i was just wandering if anybody new why my computer is running slow / had any tips to improve my editing before i upgrade my ram next month. many thanks ross


      I will upload full spec when i finish work.


      many thanks ross