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    Slow motion: Time-remaping from 100% to a freeze-frame, back to 100%? (Never exceeding 100%)


      Hi Adobe Community,


      I have a video that I want to run at 100% speed, then ease into a freezeframe, and after a little while, ease out again.
      When I try to obtain this effect as of now, the curves of my video will at some points exceed 100% speed. (Seems as if the length of the video does not get stretched, even though I have slow-motion and a freeze-frame, forcing after effects to compensate by going above 100%)


      How would I go about achieving this effect?


      When answering, keep in mind that this question is coming from an inexperienced user

      I am running Adobe After Effects CC 2015


      Thank you in advance !


      I attached a picture showing the wanted curves: