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    Keeps changing between stroke colour and fill colour? Help!

    Joe Jacob

      Hi everyone! While working, I will be drawing the outline of something, then going to colour it in, and as I do so, I'm trying to change the fill colour using either the Eyedropper tool, or the Swatches panel. Yet my colour doesn't appear to be changing.


      I look to the colours selected, and lo and behold, it's because for some reason, the program has my stroke colour selected automatically even though I'm using the Paint Bucket tool, meaning that me changing colours is only changing the stroke colour, and thus, having no effect on the fill colour - so I'm clicking frantically to colour something in with my newly selected colour, with it not working, because I didn't change the fill colour like I thought I did.


      What it seems to boil down to is, SOMETIMES when I draw or edit a line, it swaps to the stroke colour, and doesn't change back when I use the Eyedropper or Paint Bucket tools like it used to in Flash, nice and conveniently. Is there a way to stop it from doing this? Is there a way to make it how it used to be? It's really starting to get infuriating.


      Other than that I really like the new step up to Animate - the new tools and general updates make everything that little bit nicer, and I'd like to thank Adobe for it - and make it clear that I'm not ungrateful for it at all.


      Thanks in advance.