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    Preview raw file with layers and layer styles applied to it in Camera Raw


      This is what I have done so far in my editing process:

      • Opened RAW file in Camera Raw, done some editing
      • Imported as smart object in Photoshop
      • Done some retouching, removed certain unwanted objects, added layer styles etc.

      Now I want to go back to Camera Raw and do some changes there. So I double click the smart object, and open the RAW file in Camera Raw. I would then want to do some editing to the RAW file, while still being able to see all the changes made in Photoshop applied to it. So far I have had to do some changes to the RAW file, press OK, see how it looks like in Photoshop with the layers applied, go back in Camera Raw and do some tweaking without knowing how it will look like in Photoshop with the adjustments made to the RAW file.

      Is there a way to preview this in the way that I have described?

      Thanks in advance!