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    Smoke steam effect – how make realistic water steam and wipe

    EmKaape Level 1



      i searching for tip or tutorial how make realistic smoke effect like with steam on glas. I want this use for steaming video in Adobe Premiere.


      I want 2 scene:

      1) The video cover with increase smoke steam (2-3 sec not more).

      I try it with particle playground but the effect was on video so childish and the smoke not cover over video. The effect was like ghost like under video and not cover over video.

      How make this smoke to cover over Video and How make this effect realistic?


      2) I have view glass and the glass is cover with steam and drops. Behind glass i see blurines video with people.

      Glass wipe invisible hand and i see trough the wiped shape this people. How make this? I think i just take some PNG with steam nad water drops and cover the videofilm and animate the wipe.

      But how? How animate the wipe on glass and wipe the steam and drops? With what effect? How animate this?


      Its little chaotic, i know, but pleas give me clou, tip, hint or tutorial for this problem.

      Sorry for my EN.

      I have Adobe CC latest package.