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    access denied when extracting pdf docs


      access denied when extracting pdf docs@@ ! !

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          YatharthS Adobe Employee

          Hi trevorb98518894,


          Please provide the exact dot version of the software & OS installed at your system .Also check whether is there any update available for the software after going through "help > check for updates "

          If the documents are saved on network drive, please try to save them on your local drive & then check.

          Also check with the document properties it shouldn't be a secure document.

          Also check with Acrobat > Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced)> uncheck the option for 'Enable Enhanced Security'.You will be prompted with a dialog box to remind you to close the application for the change to go into effect. Click Yes & Click OK to save your change.Exit the Adobe Application & relaunch the application .



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            trevorb98518894 Level 1





            Acrobat x pro – that I am currently using


            Win 7 pro  sp1 - 64 bit


            I ran the update still did not fix anything. Also I did follow your email about the security box – still is not fixed.


            I would like someone to remote into one of my sessions and fix these two major issue for me. If there is a fee for this, please provide me the cost?




            Please advise?










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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              Acrobat X support is finished. But if you stick with the forum, we might be able to help. (Beware of anyone contacting you privately only, that could be a scam!!)


              You've only mentioned one issue here. Have you tried extracting files to your desktop?