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    Broken link- liniks in referenced topics work

      One of the System Engineers recently copied my project, from the network which I publish to, (my project is on my local drive) to Eclipse. I had not made any changes to my project and just wanted to close it down and work on something else. Broken links had a plus sign so I investigated. I have one broken link since this was done. I click on topic links and I see 3 topics that open and the lone anonymous topic. I click on topic references and it shows "jump" in before the same topic three times. I checked the referenced topic and all the links work fine. I looked through my TOC and Index and I don't see anything with a red X through it. What gives?
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          rccrcoleman Level 1
          Can anyone help me with this. I can't delete the broken topic nor can I restore. I can't even figure out which topic is broken because I have no name. I deleted the hyperlinks in the topic that it references but still I have a broken link. The links within the topic open just fine as far as I can tell. How do I get rid of this?
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            rccrcoleman Level 1
            Eclipse is also known to me as Subversion if that makes more sense. I'm very unclear on this new tool. Any insight would be appreciated.
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              rccrcoleman Level 1
              Not to beat a dead horse but... Let's forget about the whole subvrsion/Ecslipse thing and approach this as just a plain old broken link. I removed the links from the topic and saved. The broken links +sign disappeared. I added the links (one at a time) and it reappears each time. I can view the topics I'm trying to link to and they show up in the topic list and project manager (no red X). Why then when I link any of these 3 topics into the topic I'm working on do I create broken links? Topic reference indicates 'jump' which I presume to mean hyperlink. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong here? I simply can't figure out what is broken about the links.
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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Maybe it would be worth renaming one of the topics to be linked to? It sounds like the source control database has got a little confused.
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi there

                  Unfortunately I cannot recall who it was I was working with recently, but we had an issue with links that actually pointed outside the project. They were reported as broken, but worked when the project was finished. So you might wish to scrutinize exactly where these topics exist. Perhaps even copying the project to an entirely different folder so any correct relative pathing is removed. I'd also probably rename the topics in the existing location using Windows Explorer in order to confirm or isolate whether you have some absolute linking going on.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    rccrcoleman Level 1
                    Huh? Absolute, relative linking. I know what absolute and relative formula's are in excel but as far as RoboHelp I'm lost. Copying my project to another folder? I'm not sure how to go about renaming in Windows Explorer without screwing up my project further. I do know that the links that are showing as broken in one topic work perfectly fine in other topics. I can open the linked topic after generating and publishing when I click on view layout. How do I go about determining this relative and absolute linking and what causes it to occur in the first place? BTW Colum-I tried renaming the topic and it didn't help but thanks just the same for responding, It gave me some hope if only for a little while.