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    Premiere pro Lagging my  powerfull pc when rendering




      I've been breaking my head for over a month now. I've bought a powerfull pc specially for editing.

      But I can barely make a five minute film with some collorcorrection when my pc starts to lag. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

      Other people with lesser strong pc's it goes like a bullet. And I'm being a snail, expensive snail.

      I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe some kind of setting, or OpenCL not working well. I guess the gpu acceleration doesn't quite work en it uses my cpu 100% instead.


      This is what I have:

      CPU: AMD A10-7850k

      GPU: MSI 8GB D5 X R9 390 gaming

      Plus SSD and 4t of HD

      running on windows 7

      I've made some investment for this, but it all seems like a big mistake now


      Can someone help me some how? I don't know what the problem is, only that there is one.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Reading articles at Tweakers Page may give you some ideas

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            the amd a10 is going to be on the slower side for an editing computer.

            if you are using lumetri or gpu accelerated color correction effects, the r9 390 should be taking some of the workload off the cpu.


            im wondering if the r9 390 is fighting with the A10's built in graphics. premiere will try to use multiple gpu's and the slower one will hold back any faster ones. have you tried disabling the A10's graphics with crimson or in device manager, so premiere will only use the r9 390? you can use gpu-z to see what the gpu usage is for your gpu's.

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              gaétanv27421410 Level 1

              I was starting to think that the processor might be the real problem, cause the cpu is always at 100% when rendering. The integrated graphics is desabled in the bios.

              I'm using gpu-z, the r9 390 has some usage with games, but barely moves when editing, which is kinda strange. It's as if the gpu acceleration is not working wel with MSI or something.

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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                the gpu only does certain tasks, and with that r9 390 being somewhat powerful, it may not have to work hard at all to keep with the cpu as its struggling.

                CUDA, OpenCL, Mercury Playback Engine, and Adobe Premiere Pro | Premiere Pro work area

                you could try loading lots of gpu effects onto some clips or an adjustment layer to see if you can get gpu-z to show the r9 390 having to work.


                in general intel cpu's and nvidia cards currently work better with adobe's software. if you upgrade your cpu, you may want to look at an intel i7. you may be fine keeping your r9 390. if you have a budget, we can recommend some options for upgrades.

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                  JFPhoton Level 3

                  Visit the PPBM7 website run by Bill Gehrke,from this forum, to test your machine and to view its performance compared to other machines. You can see how AMD based machines do not perform as good as the intel machines due to a lack of certain " instructions" on the AMD CPU which only intel has. Furthermore, the NVidia GPUs have far better performance acceleration than any AMD GPU, due to the proprietary CUDA technology.

                  Doing the video editing benchmark test using PPro on the PPBM7 website will reveal any bottlenecks in your system. One common bottleneck is poor drive speed. The media files and project files MUST be on a fast drive, especially when their are multiple video streams in use.


                  If you intend to be a serious user of PPro, you would be much better off with an intel based machine, like a Haswell E 5930K, or, 5960X CPU on an X99 motherboard, with a 980ti NVidia GPU..  Use a minimum of 32 GB of system memory.......64 better.....and take advantage of the new Samsung 950 Pro PCI SSD that uses an m.2 slot to provide massive drive speed for your video and project files. Not to mention that you can overclock the Haswell E CPUs to 4.5 Ghz for a considerable performance gain.

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                    gaétanv27421410 Level 1

                    Thank you all for your answers, remarks and suggestions! It has been very helpful to understand my problem. Unfortunately budget is kind of an issue so it's something to solve on the long run with step by step upgrades.

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                      JFPhoton Level 3

                      ...well....first thing is to look at your existing hardware as it is oerforming. In any case, your SSD "boot drive" shoild ONLY have the OS, program files, and Windows page file on it. Then, your " media drive shouild have all other files on it, and it should be a FAST drive in order to serve up all the media files which are on it and other operations. In the past, PPro users would split up the load by having separate HDDs for different functions. You have not descibed what your "4TB of HD" is.   Is it ONE large spinning drive ???.....what RPM ??, ( if 5400 RPM , THAT would be a "bottleneck" ). Is it more than one drive ?? What are they ?? Slow drive speeds will definitely hinder performance.


                      If they are identical drives and you have no budget, you may want to create a RAID 0 off the motherboard for everything that is not on the boot drive to improve data speed. Example : if you have 4 identical 1TB  7200 RPM drives and you combined them into a RAID 0, you would get approx.  540 MB per second read and write speed vs. the slow speed of  150 -75 MB per second of a single drive. You would then have a capacity of 4 TB AND the speed of a Samsung Pro SSD. However, you would need to BACK UP that RAID array with the purchase of a 4TB enterprise level HDD to protect your valuable data.


                      Right this minute, new Egg is selling a Seagate 4 TB Enterprise level 7200RPM HDD for  $187.   This drive has a 128MB cache to provide a read and write speed of over 200MB/sec.  This drive is NOT the infamous Seagate 3TB drive which has a sky high failure raet of almost 33% and a class action lawsuit by purchasers. The 4 TB model is very good with a failure rate under 3 %.


                      Go to PPBM7.com and test your machine.  Run the free ATTO program to see the current speed of all your hard drives. Use the free MSI Afterburner, ( or similar), GPU monitoring program to see if the GPU is being used to its maximum,or, the REVERSE !   OVERCLOCK your CPU to the highest safest speed to improve performance. Check your settings in PPro to make sure you have " assigned memory" properly. You have not mentioned how much system memory you have....if it less than 32 GB, it is not enough !!  Mininum amount of memory assigned to each "core" of the CPU should be 3 GB. Check all your "power settings" to make sure that everything is selected for "maximum performance" and that NO throttling of any kind is happening.


                      Let us know how you are doing.