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    dual monitor usage in Lightroom CC2015

    Nature Light

      Forgive me if this is really basic but just looking for clarity.  When using two monitors, is the mode of the second monitor always match that of the primary?  In other words, if I'm in Library grid on primary, I can have secondary in Loupe and I assume that's still Library.  So then if I switch primary to Develop, does the Loupe view on secondary also reflect Develop or is it still showing the Library preview?


      I ask this because of something going on currently with a new computer.  Today, while in Develop on primary and Loupe on Secondary, I clicked on secondary to zoom to 100% and it never completely rendered.  There is always a slight delay as the image blurs then snaps sharp but today it never did.  By simply going to primary and changing to Library, 100% view on secondary became sharp.  Confounding it then is that switching primary back to Develop, now secondary zooms to 100% back and forth fine???


      Thanks for any insights.