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    Remaking InDesign jobs in Spanish

    Brighton Lance

      May be a tricky one to answer with any degree of certainty but here goes: I design a medical journal in English which will require Spanish editions later this year. I am familiar with doing a similar task with French versions (and appreciate InDesign's sophistication with multi-lingual hyphenation etc) but Spanish is a new one for me. My query is does anyone have similar experience and able to give me a rough idea how much longer Spanish text comes out than the English original?


      French usually comes out around 15% longer than the English and I design the InDesign template accordingly with tweaks to point size, leading, margins and so on. But I've heard that Spanish tends to come out longer than French, which would mean I'd need to prepare another template in advance so that I don't get caught out when there content arrives and the deadline is short.


      I'm aware it's a bit of a 'how long is a bit of string' question as the translation will vary depending on content and suchlike but if anyone has any advice/experience of this, particularly when designing in Spanish in Indesign, I'd be most grateful.