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    Install CS4 on Windows 10


      I am trying to install CS4 Design Premium on my Dell tower with Windows 10. It installs clean, aside from a note about CS4 Flash, and most of the components work except for Photoshop (PS) and InDesign (ID).


      PS starts to open and then stops at Initializing Panels then crashes with a faulting module name ScCre.dll version3.92.114.1661 Exception code 0xc0000005.


      The machine has a C drive (SSD) and a D drive (1Tb) with plenty of room. I have tried installation on C as well as D.


      I did an identical install on a second identical machine and the install issued the same CS 4 message but all the products PS/ID work fine.


      So what could be causing the problem?


      I would appreciate any help and can provide more information if you ask.


      Thank you.