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    Analysis Solve Failed in AE-Tried everything


      Hi there,


      Before coming here I have already tried the following options:


      -setting AE to run as admin and turning off all Windows security software (uninstalling them)


      -Uninstalling and installing AE again and running the CC cleaner software


      -Fixing all footage with warp stabilization in Premiere to minimize shakiness


      -Restarting the computer after each of those


      I have been trying to figure this problem out to use the 3D Camera tracker as I want my 3d text to stick to a certain area of the footage as the camera movements change (ie pan up and such)


      If there is an alternate way to get the 3D text to stick to a building/area of the footage (if the analysis solve failed) cannot be fixed, that would be so helpful! (Does the Motion Tracking do the same thing?)


      Ideally I would like this effect: 3D CAMERA TRACKER - After Effects Tutorial (Easy) - YouTube



      Thank you