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    Ai CC to be or not to be



      before I subscribe to the cloud I decided to trial out AI CC for a while to get use to it.

      I have an iMac with 21.5" screen OSX 10.11.12 - 8Mbram and 1tb hard drive, so I figure no hassle there. Adobe cloud installed fine, I started Ai trial yesterday. app install ok. Then, when I launch it I cannot see the open dialogue box. I see the outher design of the window, but its completely blank. That goes for all dialogue boxes. I can call for a new page, or even a tutorial, but there is nothing in it. Doesn't render the content of the file. Whats' going on? When I try to quit, another blank window open and I have to guess the button that allow me to quit. Then Illustrator hang and I have to force quit. Stress! Does anybody have a clue what is causing this, and how to fix it. I couldn't find anything in the troubleshooting  area, as I don't really know how to call this trouble! What is it? Ai doesn't show up with dialogue boxes? I really don't know. Any help par favour?