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    DRM Authorization Issues - Multiple Accounts, Already Accessed Errors, Authorization accounts already changed in apps, Problem persists


      I have not been able to access DRM protected media for approx. 1 year. I have added and removed the authorization. I have made sure that the Adobe account in the media apps I use is the one I wish to access media on. Needless to say I have logged in, out. I have tried to speak with support, I have tried to speak with the respective app providers, and in the case of ebooks, with the libraries as well. Nobody seems to be able to explain to me how to be able to access my books. As it stands, I can download the books, I can see their covers in my lists of books, but I cannot actually open them, again, b/c I get a message saying "already authorized with a different Adobe ID". If someone knows how to remedy this, anddd allow me to open books for which this error has already occurred, it would be much appreciated. Note: the ebooks have not been accessible in either account, ie, it's not an issue of having read them in one account and then tried to so the same on another; the books have not been accessible at all.



      I have also deleted the books from any media (ie pc and device) and double-checked that the ID in DE and other apps is the one I wish to use and then re-downloaded the ebooks...with no change. Basically, trying to read anything that is DRM protected has been impossible.


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