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    CF8 Webservice error handling

      As my title tells you, I have a problem regarding error handling in webservices.

      I've set up an application.cfc where I've implemented generalised error handling.
      Whenever a coldfusion error occurs, this is the place the error would be caught and properly handled.
      I.E.: Don't give the whole stacktrace and the raw coldfusion error message.

      The problem is that, in the case of a SOAP request, the whole onError method seems to be discarded.
      It won't invoke this method. I've tested this using a <cflog in the onError method.

      Sometimes even, when the schema is incorrect it generates an AXIS exception.
      But there's no real way in coldfusion to catch or even handle this exception.

      Does anyone else know about a way to do this in coldfusion?
      How can I catch those exceptions on my server and properly handle them before returning the SOAP fault envelope?