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    Photoshop to Lightroom - "save" automatically defaults to "save as" - any thoughts?




      I'm having trouble saving changes from Photoshop to Lightroom. When I'm done editing a photo in PS I want to be able to view the changes in Lightroom. I know that I need to "save" the image rather than using "save as" since the latter creates a new image that doesn't register in Lightroom; with "save as" the workflow will be broken and I won't see my changes in Lightroom. Fine, sounds very simple.


      The trouble I'm having is that I'm not able to use the simple "save" function in PS. Whenever I click "save" (or simply try to close down the image) a "save as" dialogue box opens - if I want to save the image I've no choice but to use "save as". The "save" option isn't greyed out - I can select it - but it seems to default automatically to "save as". This means that when I go back to Lightroom I'm looking at the original, non-edited image.


      Anyone know what might be going on (what I'm doing wrong?)


      Thank you