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    Why does InDesign freeze during Blurb preflight?

    Bob Metzler Level 1

      I have a book ready to upload to Blurb.  InDesign consistently freezes at about 75% of the way through preflight of the pages (cover preflight was fine).  I have exported a PDF from InDesign and run preflight on it with Acrobat Pro 10, using X-3 standard, and it passes.  Book looks fine in review (Shift-W) mode within InDesign, PDF looks fine in Acrobat Pro 10 and Acrobat Reader. First freeze seemed due to a Running Header text variable box with a specific character style on a non-printing layer. It looked OK but I replaced it, next preflight passed that point and froze on another.  Replaced that, preflight froze on next.  Latest InDesign CC, Windows 7 64-bit.  I've made several Blurb books from InDesign previously, but this is first attempt on a new computer.

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          Bob Metzler Level 1

          Well, it finally thawed.  After about ten attempts & attempted fixes, I tried uploading to Blurb one more time, InDesign hung again (Windows Task Manager indicated not responding at 79%) but I was doing other stuff and about 10-15 minutes later, a screen popped up saying the book was ready for upload.  I uploaded, have ordered, & hopefully the book will be OK.  Still have no idea what was happening, but I guess the moral is to wait 15 minutes, even though Task Manager says Not Responding.