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    is there any way to pull a movie clip animation


      out of the actual movie clip and convert it so that it sits on the main timeline, so that you can see/view and edit the contents of that animation all on your main timeline along with all your other content? Impossible??? I know it sounds like an odd question (or does it?). I was able to set up this great little animation as a movie clip and it's in my library. I can drag it onto my stage, and click way into so that it opens up the layers and tweens of the animation, but I'd like all those layers and tweens to sit on my main timeline along with my other contents so I can edit them at the same time and so that I can preview all of it together using the controller "Play" button and such.


      Does that even make sense?


      I think what I am asking is something that may even seem anathema to most professional flash animators. I found a youtube video of how to make nested movie clips, but what I'm looking to do is actually take it in reverse, and put it on my timeline.


      (this is for CS6, even though the video I watched is for CS5)