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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    John Ratard Level 1

      I see two functions for Ctrl+D on the Internet, one in the Adobe list of shortcuts for Delete found in P.Pro Help and another in Lynda AE training for Duplicate.


      Is this correct or is there only one function?  If one or more than one where can I find a complete list or lists for each application?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check the help files. It's all there.



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            John Ratard Level 1

            I am making a list of keyboard shortcuts.  I found a list in the Help section.  One list would make life easier.  


            Is there only 1 application for all Adobe programs or a different Ctrl+D application for each e.g. Photoshop, Premier Pro, Encore etc?

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              John Ratard Level 1

              I have found an error in the information used in my Post.  After reviewing the list of shortcuts for P.Pro in the help files, I find Ctrl+D is the shortcut for Apply Video Transition in contrast to Duplicate for AE.


              Unfortunately, with the lack of a standard from this one example, a different list is required for each program.  I have found three different keyboard shortcut lists provided in P.Pro, AE, and Encore.  None of them are formatted the same making it a difficult task to sort and organize. Some form of logical database list for all program shortcuts under Program Shortcuts would be helpful by Type, Description, OS, Group, & Program etc.to cover the information shown in the lists.


              The need is to make it easy to find, sort, and print sections depending on the requirements of the user.  As an example, I may wish to group all shortcuts together since I have memorized Ctrl+D for one program.  To avoid confusion, I may need to refer to the Ctrl+D etc. change in application for other programs.  I can also print only those shortcuts I use.