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    proofreading a translation in a idml file




      A client has sent me a translated file o proofread it. He has sent me 3 files: pdf, idml, indd.

      I do not know what the best way to prooefread the file.

      1. The idml file does not show the images. The idml file I have worked in it With my Wordfast Pro (Cat tool), but I afraid to deliver the file without the preview of the images

      2. The indd shows the images but I can not open in WFP. Should I work direcktly in indd file. The client has asked me if I could make the changes in the idml. To make this I used (1),but what should I do with the preview of the images

      I have converted the indd to idml but the pictures don't show (only as grey areas)

      Have you experience on this

      With Thanks

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          You must meet the client's requirements, but here are my thoughts.


          Traditionally "proof reading" is only examining for errors, and marking them. It is not the proof reader's task to make the edits and produce a final document. For this the PDF is ideal; it has mark up tools which can be used to clearly show insertions/deletions/changes, and Acrobat can make a summary of the mark-up. (You would want Acrobat, not Reader, I think).  Even if you edit the InDesign document yourself, I would be inclined to start with a PDF mark up, which is quick and easy. It also answers the possible question (perhaps the client would have it later) "what did you change"?


          If the PDF is unacceptable, technically there is no difference between the INDD and IDML, the IDML is just portable to old versions of InDesign. If you really did work with the INDD you can save an IDML.