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    disabling DateValidator

    Cr99 Level 1
      I am filling the TextInput and DateFields first via ActionScript and then doing the reset through ActionScript so I never even click on the DateField but the Validator still triggers. Basically I want the 'reset all' to not trigger validator errors. I am resetting all of the fields in my interface and my validator is firing for the DateField but I don't want it to. I can disable TextInput with:

      textInput.errorString = "";

      And get no red lines or errors. But when I try:

      dateField.errorString = "";

      the red box is still there. What is going on? I've tried it with both StringValidators and with DateValidators, but both exhibit the same problem.

      Here are my mxml definitions:

      <mx:DateValidator id="startFixedValidator" source="{startDate}" property="text" />

      <mx:DateField color="#000000" id="startDate"/>