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    Preflight flipping content of text boxes 180 degrees


      I am an admitted noob when it comes to using Preflight, and I am experiencing a very strange problem.  Preflight is flipping the text in my text boxes 180 degrees--sometimes vertically and sometimes horizontally.  How do I fix that????


      Specifically, I am running Preflight to "flatten annotations and form fields" so the modifications I make to a pdf file will print.  I am using Adobe Acrobat X (version 10.1.16) on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.11.3.


      Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the original text:

      Adobe Preflight Original Text.png


      Here is the text after running Preflight (Flatten annotations and form fields):

      Adobe Preflight Flipped Text.png

      I appreciate any help anyone might be able to offer, including workarounds.