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    Converting .pdf files for turbox

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      I had done my taxes for many years in Turboxtax, and keep the full documents as a .pdf file.  Each year I would install the new turbotax program and it would find the old .taxfile (whatever it is) and we would go to work.

      Last year my computer's hard disk died.  The .taxfile was lost.  I had the .pdf of my taxes on a cd-rom, and told this year's program to import the information.  It would not.

      According to the program, it will only accept turbotax's .taxfile, H&R Block's .taxfile or .pdf, and one other program's .taxfiles or .pdf file.

      TurboTax cannot use its own .pdf files.  Actually, it can use .pdf files if you are using the Mac software, but not for Windows systems.

      The support site for turbotax says 'We do not support conversions of .pdf files to .taxfiles.  If you find some conversion software somewhere on the web, we don't vouch for it.'  I looked for conversion software, because, hey, what could go wrong with offering your tax information to the internet? but I didn't find any.

      TurboTax's customer support said, basically "Sorry, you are screwed.  Please re-enter all your information manually."*  I started to do this and made three mistakes in four social security numbers.

      Adobe has programs for sale that will convert .pdf files to excel files.  Is there something I could buy from them-- and yes, I'll pay through the nose not to have to retype my entire tax return-- that will reconvert my information to the format that turbotax will read?




      *To me, turbotax should either 1) Immediately start writing conversion code for windows-based systems, or 2) send me an activation code for a Mac copy of turbotax so I can take it to a trusted friend and convert it, or even 3) tell me to send them my .pdf and they'll crack it back into a .taxfile.  They, of course, offer nothing.