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    Loan token not found


      I am using Windows 10, ADE version 4.0 (this also happened with version 4.5), and Nook Classic. I borrowed a book from an overdrive database. I downloaded it and opened it in ADE on my PC with no problem. Using ADE, I copied it to my Nook. When attempting to read the file on the Nook, I get the following message: "Loan token not found."


      The computer is authorized with my Adobe ID. The Nook was also authorized with the same ID through ADE.


      I have tried the following:

      -Return and re-borrow the book

      -Restart the Nook

      -Restart the computer

      -Erase authorization and reauthorize both devices

      -Uninstall and reinstall ADE

      -Uninstall ADE and install an older version (4.0)

      -Uninstall ADE, delete all associated folders on the PC, remove the file and all associated files (annotations, thumbnails, etc.) from both devices, delete the registry keys in LOCAL_USER/SOFTWARE, then reinstall ADE and re-borrow the book.


      I have no idea of what else to try. Any suggestions?