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    GREP to insert full stop (dot) at the end of paragraphs


      I´m trying to find all instances where a paragraph lacks a full stop (a dot), and insert a full stop at the found occurances.


      I don´t get it working though, I´ve tried with this GREP:


      Search for: ([^.])\r

      Replace with: $1.\r


      But this finds both these paragraphs:


      Paragraph example with full stop.

      Paragraph example without full stop


      In the paragraph example with the full stop, it finds/selects the \r (carriage return)

      In the paragraph example without the full stop it finds/selects the character before \r and \r.


      So, I want to be able to only find instances where any character, except for a full stop, is followed by a \r. And I don´t want to find instances where the character next to the \r is a full stop.


      How do I solve this?