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    Unable to sync or import raw files in Lr mobile


      I have just started using Creative Cloud, and I have issues with raw photos taken with my phone (Galaxy Note 5). Before I paid the Creative Cloud subscription, I was able to import and edit raw files in Lightroom mobile, and it worked great.


      Now, the first problem is that I can't sync the raw files from the phone to the PC. Sync always gets stuck if I try to sync them, and then it won't even sync jpegs anymore. If I open Lightroom preferences on PC and click 'Delete All Data' under 'Lightroom mobile', it deletes all the collections in Lr mobile and then I'm able to sync again. But whenever I add a raw file to a collection, sync gets stuck.


      The other problem is that if I'm logged into my Adobe Account in Lr mobile, I can't import raw files to my collections. It will say that the photos were correctly imported, but they will never show up in the collection.


      So, how should we handle raw photos in Lightroom and Creative Cloud?