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    AdobeAIRinstaller-1.5.exe Install Issues

      I am attempting to update my corporate intranet workstations to Adobe Air 1.5.

      My workstation users do not have administrative privileges and are unable to run the installer themselves.

      I need a way to run the installer silently from the command line (of an administrative account). This would allow for a simple distributed installation, even outside of a Windows domain, to a large number of Windows computers.

      However - most companies seem to document their command line options for reducing the amount of user interaction required (ie: silent install). That said, an EULA popping up the the user's desktop is more than acceptable.

      Having features like these documented is the difference between having a product that is distributed on thousands of corporate workstations the day it is released and having another product that is not allowed in corporate environments.

      Hopefully someone will have some useful information,