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    Windows 10 beta breaks Flash webcam support

    mzaur8 Level 1

      Hey guys,

      I've been on the latest stable Windows 10 build for a while but decided to try latest Insider build 14267 to see if it fixes an issue I was having with start menu search. Well it fixed the issue, but now I'm having a bigger issue. I'm curious if Adobe is aware of this problem with the upcoming Windows 10 release and flash webcam support.

      I'm in school and take exams remotely through a Chromium based program that uses Flash to record webcam. With insider build the webcam (lifecam cinema) is giving out blank output, although it is detected. Websites that display webcam in flash have the same issue, it's just black. I'm on latest flash stable and tested with Chrome and Firefox.


      In Edge browser it works fine. Looks like Edge is using a version of flash that's different ( I downloaded flash beta ver. which did not fix the issue.


      I tried reinstalling the webcam driver with no luck. The new Win10 build didn't update the driver, so not sure what's going on. The camera works in other non-flash based apps.


      If you need me to run any tests or need more info just let me know. Rolling back to latest stable build of 10586 fixed the issue for me on both Firefox and Chrome, although strangely now I'm seeing the same thing on Edge with the stable build. Flash ver. on Edge is, same as Chrome/Firefox. Camera detects but it's just black output.