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    Help With Controlling Camera

    Gutter-Fish Level 4

      Holy animal crackers, trying to control cameras in AE is crazy unintuitive and bonkers.

      I cannot get it to rotate around an object, only from the viewpoint itself.

      After a few changes the rotate parameters seem to make no sense, like they're in some sort of gimble lock.

      Somebody please tell me something good.....

      I'm just trying to create a simple camera move on some 3D text.

      Learning element 3d,  just the element layer with a default camera....



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          Gutter-Fish Level 4

          OK I think I'm starting to get it...use the unified camera tool, not the parameters vectors.   Position is really rotation due to the point of interest which gets manipulated with the move tool.

          I like puzzles but ......

          Can anyone point me to a  tutorial that maybe panders to folks who are already familiar with traditional 3d camera systems?

          I'm sure I can fond one but if you help me I'll make you some homemade marzipan...next July.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            To do precise camera moves on the set I put the camera on a dolly, move the dolly and change the way the camera points. To do precise camera moves in AE I parent the a 3D "dolly" null to the camera first buy holding down the shift key so the null and the camera are in the same position, then I undo the parenting and make the "dolly" the parent of the camera so I can move the camera with the null.


            Next I add a 3D "focus" null to the timeline and attach the Camera's point of interest to the null with an expression. I also attach focus distance to the null with an expression. Now you can adjust and animate the camera position relative to the null to boom up or down, move the dolly to move the camera and animate the focus null to adjust both the focus and where the camera points using the focus null. EZ PZ.


            I don't have time to show you the expressions but they are fairly simple. You attach the point of interest just by dragging the pickwhip. You use length to set the focus distance.

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              Gutter-Fish Level 4

              Thanks Rick this sounds great.  Looking forward to trying it out. The expressions sound easy, if I have a problem with them I may hit you up (contact you with a question )