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    crashing after creative cloud sync


      I've been working through creative cloud for the last 2 weeks. No issues. Yesterday I took advantage of the creative cloud storage and uploaded files for syncing. Everything uploaded and synced. I have green checkmarks for all files. Today I went to work on an Indesign file and it crashed. I reopened, crash. Over and over. Then I got warnings that the file was damaged. I tried recovering. Crash. This happened with several files that on Friday worked perfectly, now suddenly are not.


      There has to be a correlation between yesterday's upload and my current ID problems. I've signed out of Adobe CC. I've uninstalled ID and reinstalled. I've tried opening copies of the files (file-open-copy of file) and those crash too.


      I'm at a loss. And even worse, I seem to be damaging every file I try to open. This is happening on both my older iMac and my brand new (1 week old) Macbook Pro.