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    "Tivo Series 3" support in Premiere Elements 14

    tmm89 Level 1

      In previous versions of Premiere, I was using the "Tivo Series 3" HD settings to compress video from my iPhone and Canon video camera.  it worked great!  I always got an 80%-90% reduction (yes, 1 GB files compressing to 100 MB).


      With PE 14, I don't see this option any more   I've been trying to duplicate the settings (H.264, AVCHD, 1280x720, etc.), but the best I've been able to achieve is about a 50%-60% reduction.


      I really liked the Tivo Series 3 HD preset since it played on all different machines (iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, Windows computers, different browsers, etc.) and provided a small download.


      Help!  Does anyone know the settings that I should use to duplicate that?