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    Creating saveable forms in webhelp


      I have been asked to create a change request form that is part of the help system. Some users want to be able to save the form to their pc, complete the info and then return it as part of a document sharing system. I have created the form which launches fine and downloads but when I fill in the form and 'save page as' and return it to the system the information I have input is not there.

      Does anyone have any ideas?


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Julie

          Thoughts here...

          * RoboHelp will offer the ability to create forms by allowing you to insert form elements. But that's where it ends. If this is a web based form you will need some sort of script that will parse and process the data the form sends.

          * You might consider creating a Microsoft Word document with areas the user would fill in. That would facilitate saving to the local drive for later completion. Then they could send an E-Mail message with the document as an attachment.

          * You might consider creating an Adobe PDF document with fillable form fields. It might work similar to the Word document I mentioned earlier.

          Cheers... Rick