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    I own Lightroom desktop. Questions about moving to CC.


      I hope I'm in the right forum for these questions. My apologies if not. I looked at the FAQ and didn't see these questions addressed at first glance.


      I own Lightroom for desktop. It's running on my Windows 10 PC. I also have a Mac Book Pro and want to get LR on here, as well. I'm thinking of switching to Creative Cloud, which, as I understand it, would allow me to use LR on both computers. Is that how that works?


      Second, if I decide I don't really want Creative Cloud and just want to stick with LR, will canceling my CC subscription affect the operation of my purchased version of LR desktop? I'm hoping it would work as normal.


      Third, if I do upgrade to CC, do I need to install LR again on my Windows PC or does it just connect to the cloud as-is once I have a subscription?