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    lightroom 6 wont start


      I bought the stand alone version that is on the cd. Installed the program via the cd. Entered all my information. Didnt have any issues with that. My issues start when i try and launch the program. The program will not start up at all. It seems that the computer thinks about starting it for a seccond then just decides not to. I have tried everything suggested to include signing out and back in to cc, installing, reinstalling. I have also contacted customer support which was no help at all. They pointed me back to the forums that I have already searched. As my first Adobe product, not impressed at all.



      Windows 8.1 64 bit

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          I bought the stand alone program, as well. Though mine did not come with a disk. Just a registration number to input on the adobe site. I was able to launch a couple times. even loaded up a bunch of pictures. But it constantly 'failed to respond'. Now it wont launch, at all. "Program not responding" is all I get now. I did the unisntall, install bit during a 'chat' with the help desk. Will have to try again on Monday, I guess.