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    png sequence transparency


      Dear Adobe, when I import png sequence with partially transparent images the transparency is recognize by after effects without problem. When however some of those png´s have no transparency, the whole sequence is read as non transparent. This seems like a bug to me as i have to import png´s sequence in parts with and without transparency.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you mix bit depth this will happen.  If the bit depth stays the same and opaque pixels eventually fill the frame it should not. How was the png sequence created?

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            D.M.Pavol Level 1

            Hi Rick, thanks a lot, you are right. Opaque pictures are 24 Bit and Transparent 32. This I think is a bug of the Octane Renderer which should save them all as 8bit. I will report this bug to them. Thank you very much.


            .... ok now I get it, 32 Bits is 8 bits per channel plus 8bits for transparency. If no transparency is there it is only 8*3 hence 24 bits. So it seems the only workaround is to import those png´s separately right? I guess after effects follows here also certain logic not to mix different bit depths?