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    Best Premiere Elements workflow to reduce HD (AVCHD) Generation Loss


      I have a Premiere Elements 11 project that consists primarily  of 80-60 trimmed HD(1920x1080,.29.97 frame rate, .m2ts files from Sony camcorder) video clips per day spread over about 2 weeks. This means if I keep all these clips together in one big project there could be around a 1000 clips in the project.  So I started by dividing the clips by day with the plan to assemble the clips for each day due to the large number of clips and also to allow review of the project as it is built.


      Since all video compression is lossy, will this results in significant generation loss? I've noticed that it takes a significant amount of time with my i5 quad core PC w/SSD C: drive to assemble and output the clips for each day, so it seems like the output step (to the same resolution, frame rate & encoder type) does not just tack the clips together, there seems to be significant recoding of every clip even though it does not seem to be necessary in most cases.


      If there will be significant loss, does Premiere Elements has a workaround or alternative feature that would allow only one video encoding in this situation?  I looked at cut & paste from one project to another but I could not make this work , even to another Premiere Elements version (I also have Elements 14 which I have not started using yet).