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    Frame rate is dropping during playback in CS6


      My file has started to act weird when I hit play on the controller. It starts to go all over the place with the framerate. My file is about 500 frames in total. A bunch of symbols, mostly images and text and some vector shapes with a bunch of motion tweens. I have it set to 28 frames per second in the controller. I'm noticing now during playback that it starts dropping to 17, 18, then back up to 28, then down to 19, 20, 22, then back to 28 (I've had it set to 24 and the same thing happens but it never jumps to higher than the frame rate I have it set at, only down).


      I know that no one can tell me exactly why it's happening unless they look at my file, but I was wondering if there's something simple I am overlooking. Is there another place in the file I should have the framerate set? Is this a ram or memory issue? I have all other programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint, internet browser, etc. CLOSED when this is happening. I'm on a MAC running Mavericks but it also happened at home on a MacBook Pro running Yosemite.


      I don't think this became an issue until I added a lot more text that I changed to Symbols and started animating, but I could be wrong about that.


      Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you!