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    Adobe InDesign CC 2014 and CC 2015: damaged document: recovery log states PagedTreePageReference: page type mismatch on load


      Both current builds; both windows 7.


      Two different locations; and users.


      At least two pages in the document and working threaded frames from page 1 to page 2.


      For one, report that it happens most often when they have clicked on browser to check mail, etc., and then clicking back on Adobe InDesign; spinning ball, Adobe InDesign crashes.


      Can recover one, maybe two times, but any action on the document force-closes InDesign and eventually document cannot be open.


      The recover log records this:


      Adobe InDesign Protective Shutdown Log

      02/16/16 21:10:22


      PagedTreePageReference: page type mismatch on load


      Session started up at 9:07 PM on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

      Version: 10.2.0 - Build: 69


      No Error Info


      and lists plugins.