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    Scaled-down bitmaps and seemingly random anti-aliasing


      Hi All,


      I have a colleague who is working on a large 4k flash file. Within the canvas area are a number of imported bitmaps (originally PNGs) roughly equal sizes of around 2000x1000px. The images are then scaled down to between 20-40% of their original size to act as previews.


      The problem is that when viewed as an .swf (and possibly in the .fla too) some of the shrunk bitmaps are anti-aliased very well and most are badly, almost completely aliased. The difference is very apparent, even when previewed on a 1440px height screen. For each graphic 'compression' is set to 'lossless png/gif' and the 'allow smoothing' box is checked. All of the images were imported in the same manner.


      My question is does anyone know of any other factors for seeing different qualities for scaled down images? Or more importantly how to standardise or fix them?


      My colleague is working on a mac with Adobe CC so is working with up-to-date versions of the Flash software.


      Thanks in advance.