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    Problems with Edit Capture Time and file renaming

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      I am very confused about dates in general and Edit Capture Time… in particular.


      I have around 16,000 photos known to Lightroom v6.3, about 1,000 pre-2005 are scanned in by various methods, the rest are from around 30 digital cameras and phones.

      They are in a loosely structured set of about 400 folders and I decided to simplify these and renaming the photos to CaptureDate-Filename would facilitate this.


      Those scanned from negs and slides are .jpg .tif .psd,  digital are .jpg and various raw formats.  Most pre-2012 have been edited in Photoshop (without any reference to their dates).


      I changed Rename Photo… to “Date-Filename” and set to work with the earliest photos, correcting their date using Metadata / Edit Capture Time… / Adjust to a Specified Date and Time, and in New Time changing Corrected Time to the desired date.

      Then, in batches, [F2] simply renames all selected to Date-Filename.


      This worked fine for the earliest photos then I noticed a different date being used occasionally by Edit Capture Date, not the date I specified.

      This often occurred when I selected several photos to re-name but never on the “most active” of the selection.

      (E.g. Select 20 photos and change date to 18/09/2000, 17 amended OK, 3 received a different date. Selected these 3 and 1 amended OK, 2 received different date etc.)


      All that was tedious enough, but I can work round it, all be it slowly.

      However, I’ve now reached some early digital photos and although I no longer have to correct the Capture Date, this is not the date used when renaming the photos, it’s using the Metadata Date. 


      These actions don’t agree with the Help I’ve found so far or with Martin Evening’s Lightroom 6 Book.


      Thankfully, file renaming works perfectly with my current digital cameras.


      I must be overlooking something important concerning dates and file renaming.  So far I’m stumped.