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    Adobe TypeKit uninstalls installed fonts when I install new ones

    Marina Michaels Level 1

      This just started in the past month. I had some fonts installed from Adobe TypeKit that I am using in a print project (in InDesign). I needed to add a semibold version of one of them, so I went to TypeKit, selected the semibold font, and added it. TypeKit added it fine, but it uninstalled all the other installed fonts.

      I re-added one of the fonts that had been uninstalled, and TypeKit added it, but then uninstalled the newly installed semibold font.


      I tried this several times, and I get the same results every time: each time I add a font, TypeKit uninstalls the previous font.

      As you can imagine, this makes it impossible to continue work on my project, in which I use a sans serif font for headings and a serif font for the body.


      Is this a bug or is there a setting somewhere that is making this happen?

      Thanks, everyone.