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    View keywords (which have been assigned to picture) in develop module

    Foto-Gabriela Level 1


      the new keywords for people (faces) in LR 6 work well. But, the workflow is still somewhat unhandy. You have to assign people in the corresponding view in the library module. I normally just switch to the "faces" view and assign names which have not been assigned automatically. Then I switch to development module and start working on my pictures. Now when I work on one picture, I would like to know if all faces have been recognized by Lightroom, and which keyword already have been assigned. By now, there seems to be no way to do so, you have to switch back to library module to view keywords and faces frames. This is extremely unhandy and time consuming. Is there any way to at least  display keyword together with the picture name, ISO etc. in development module?

      (sorry if I didn't find the right words, I am working with the German version of Lightroom - but I still hope you get the point).

      Thanks in advance,

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