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    Symbolic link


      I prefer to keep de Robohelp project files separated from the content.

      For example, content pages are stored in GIT (and connected to a Jenkins job), but I don't want my repository filled with

      RoboHelp files.

      Yes, I can use .gitIgnore but it would be far more convenient if RoboHelp gave the opportunity to use content pages that

      are NOT part of the directory RoboHelp is stored in (this is so 80ties ;o)) or maybe use symbolic links.


      Is there a way to keep the RoboHelp files separated from the content?

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          With the RoboHelp files, do you mean the *.fpj files, the *.apj files etc? Without these files, you don't have a RoboHelp project. Additionally, RoboHelp also stores content in the project files (Table of Contents, Index, Language resources, etc.)


          RoboHelp gives you an all or nothing scenario. You can put all files in GIT manually, but you can also use a GIT to MSSCCI plugin to handle it from RoboHelp. In which case all files are added to source control. If you want different behaviour, you will have to try to set it up yourself. RoboHelp doesn't support it.