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    destination black point rgb profile i1profiler2


      I have profiled a 7-col printer with i1pro as rgb-printer.

      I have recently tested i1pro 2 and possibility to make M1 and M2 -profiles with filtered UV-area.

      Basic problem is that icc profile converts 0/0/0 black to a little bit greenish.

      In M0 profile , black conversion with relative bpc on will produce (srgb 0/0/0 >  6/5/0 to printer profile)

      M2 makes the best conversion from 0/0/0 > 0/1/0, probably because optical brighteners makes it look too blue on spectrophotometer.

      Still, since linearizing of printer is rather limited and near best black (0/0/0) in printer there is easyli a greenish cast on dark areas.

      It would be important that profile would convert 0/0/0 to 0/0/0 since it is visually the strongest black.

      Is there any way to modify black point in profile side ? Or any other way ?