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    Tunneling failed in Data Service 2.5.1

      We created a set of application which all use Data Services RTMP using port 2038. In the services-config.xml we set up in the my-rtmp channel definition to use rtmpt as the protocol. All applications are compiled with this service-config.xml.

      For most users it is working fine, however for some of our corporate user, behind restrictive firewalls, a connection to the data services can not be made. The application throws a generic send failed message.

      Since we are using the rtmpt protocol, what can we do to make sure our corporate users are able to use our applications?


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          rogierdoekes Level 1
          It seemed the problem was fixed. However, as we set rtmpt as the only channel, our other users were experiencing a big drop off in performance due to the tunneling.

          I read a very good blog entry:
          where Andrew talks about using rtmpt as failover for those users that cannot use rtmp.

          We implemented the structure he described:
          - channel definition for rtmp in services-config.xml
          - channel definition for rtmpt in services-config.xml
          - channel definition for polling-amf in services-config.xml
          - define both channels as default channels in data-management-config.xml in the order rtmp, rtmpt, polling-amf

          Everybody was able to use the data services..