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    Hyperlinking/Cross Refs to Bookmarks


      I'm trying to create hyperlinks to bookmarks in an Indesign document. When I create a Bookmark it appears in the Bookmarks panel, with an anchor sybol beside it.

      When I try to create a hyperlink to the text anchor, none of the bookmarks appear in the Hyperlinks drop down as Text anchors.

      Am I missing something here? Are Bookmarks the same thing as Text Anchors?

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          I have the same problem.


          I thought maybe it's because the destinations were assigned bookmarks rather than hyperlink destinations, so I tried to create a hyperlink destination to a text that already is a bookmark as well and got a message telling me that "Another hyperlink destination already exists with this name".


          Yet when I try to create a hyperlink to it on another page, it's not listed at all:
          no text anchors.PNG


          The destination (and a few hundred other ones) are promptly listed in the Bookmarks, complete with the anchor symbols before their names (which to me indicates that they are text anchors indeed).


          I would really really appreciate if someone on the know could comment and assist on this soonish. But seeing that ppa_chris has been waiting for their answer for a little over a year now I'm not holding my breath...

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            Alma Strutt Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



            My understanding of bookmarks is they appear in the Bookmarks tab in Acrobat Reader or Acrobat once you have exported the InDesign file as a PDF. You cannot create a hyperlink to them.


            Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.45.44.png



            If you wish to have a hyperlink jump to a piece of text then with the text selected create a hyperlink destination. This is where the hyperlink will land.


            Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.52.28.png


            Then in  from the Hyperlinks panel fly out menu select New Hyperlink. Choose Text Anchor in the Link To: drop down option. This will list the Document you wish to link to and the Text Anchors you have created and you can chose the correct text anchor for that hyperlink.


            Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.50.46.png

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              TiinaRipatti Level 1

              Um. That's exactly the process I described above, except (as seen on the screenshot I provided) there are no text anchors to be selected at all. And when I try to create a text anchor on the destination text, I get the message telling me "Another hyperlink destination already exists with this name". Just as I described above.


              The problem is: I have several hundred text anchors in place - when I open the Bookmarks tab, I can see them all nicely listed, with the pretty little anchor icon attached. Ok, so bookmarks and cross-reference destinations are not the same. But I need them both. Now I have bookmarks that claim to be text anchors, yet the said text anchors are not available/visible when trying to create a cross-reference link to them.


              I figured out a partial workaround: creating a hyperlink to paragraph instead of a text anchor. I can then choose the paragraph style used in subtitles I want to use as destinations which does help a lot. But linking to anything using the body style in the file (400+ pages) is pretty much impossible as InDesign freezes/crashes trying to create a list of all paragraph entries using that style. No surprise there as there must be thousands and thousands of paragraphs using the body style.


              So I guess I'll just create a new paragraph style (identical to body style), then apply it to anything I want to cross-reference to and then do the grunt work. Not exactly smooth or intuitive. Being able to use already created bookmarks (which now claim to be text anchors except that they're not where it matters) would have been nice.

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                Alma Strutt Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                My point was bookmarks can't be used as a destination and so I explained how to create a destination which would allow you to create hyperlinks to.

                What might help (maybe) is to use buttons. Buttons will recognise bookmarks and allow you to choose them as a destination.


                Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 13.34.50.png

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                  TiinaRipatti Level 1

                  Yes, and I explained why I'm not able to create destinations (twice). I keep getting the message that the said anchor already exists: no can do.PNG

                  I'm not willing to delete hundreds of bookmarks I already have in place since I need them for the PDF.


                  Buttons would work as well but as creating them is just as labor-intensive as the workaround with which I came up, I'll stick to that.


                  Thanks anyway, and sorry for my harsh tone. I just find this extremely counter-intuitive, as it's sort of logical that one might want a destination to appear as a bookmark in the PDF as well as link to it within the document without having to create cumbersome workarounds. As the destinations already insist that they are text anchors, they should behave like such in any given situation (or at least stop blocking me from creating a second set of text anchors with the same name for hyperlink purposes).

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                    ppa_chris Level 1

                    Tiina - only just saw your message on here today. I gave up checking for answers to my original post a long time ago. In the end I solved my problem by creating "New Hyperlink Destination" from the Hyperlinks panel. These destinations do then appear as Text anchors when I want to hyperlink to them. I note that you've said that you tried this but got an error saying a destination with the same name exists already. Perhaps you could change the name of the new destination - maybe replace a space with an underscore or something? I know that's annoying if you have hundreds of them - not a problem I had as there were no existing bookmarks in my document